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A Global Player In Compressed Air Purification & Gas  Generation (Air Dryers & Nitrogen Generator)

At Summits, we believe in innovation and diverse engineering prioritizing a holistic approach to human values and creating a better future.
With the lifetime purpose of harvesting the elements of air through innovation, we're dedicated to enabling industries, supporting lives, and protecting the Earth. By doing so, we take pride in contributing to our partners' business success, fulfilling people's life -saving needs, and preserving the planet's health.

With over 27 plus years of industry experience, we stand at the forefront of compressed air purification, gas generation, and sustainability. Our vision is to be the driving force behind cleaner air, healthier lives, and a more sustainable planet.
Summits' diverse team is committed to innovating the future while nurturing our core values of Partner's Success, People's needs, and Planet's health.


Why Choose Summits?

Refrigeration air dryer

Complete Range of Products

We specialize in building a whole range of products for compressed air purification and gas generation on a standard, custom built & turnkey basis.


In-house Production Capabilities

Built across an area 68,000 ft2 area, ours is a fully-equipped production facility. Having an all-inclusive facility helps us deliver products with the industry's best & highest standards.

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Global Clientele

Our products are up and running in many public and private sector organizations across the India as well as in SE Asia, EU, GCC, African Countries, and the USA.


The Summits way

The core strength of our business is offering unique tailor made air dryers and allied  products for various sectors including clean environment, health care oil & gas, power, space research, defence, automobile, textiles, pharmaceuticals and many more.



Summits always strive to provide the latest and best technology products to customers. The products are designed for best energy efficiency, environment friendly and space saving.


Manufacturing excellance

Summits infrastructure is one of the best in manufacturing air dryers, nitrogen generators, oxygen generators with state of art modern and automatic machinery and skilled man power.

PEM / AEM Hydrogen Electrolysers, CO2 Capturing Systems, Medical Oxygen Generators, Air Dryers and Nitrogen Generators

Summits Hygronics an ISO:9001 / ISO 14001/ ISO 45001 / ISO13485 company offers a complete range of products and solutions for Hydrogen GenerationCO2 Capturing Systems, Compressed air purification, Oxygen and Nitrogen Generation. Summits manufacture All types of air dryers, PSA medical Oxygen generators, Green Hydrogen Generators, PSA and Membrane Nitrogen Generators and allied accessories.

Summits Products Segments 


Green Initiative

Summits takes up a mission in developing Carbon Dioxide Capturing Systems along with CSIR-CECRI for many industrial applications including thermal power plants, steel plants, cement industries, biogas enrichment, automotive sectors, defence sectors and many more. This technology is in alignment with  Government of India’s mission on “Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)”.  This also paves way to address one of the global mandates by fulfilling India’s commitment of “net-zero” emission by 2070.

Summits Products

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