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Carbon Capturing in india

Carbon Dioxide Capture

Carbon Capturing

Summits Hygronics Private Limited and Central Electrochemical Research Institute (CSIR-CECRI) have entered into a technology transfer partnership agreement on 17th June 2022 to manufacture and install CO2 capturing plants for various Industrial applications.

The novelty of CSIR-CECRI’s (a pioneering research Institute in South Asia dedicated to electrochemical science and technology) invention lies on the synthesis process to produce an adsorbent capable of adsorbing more than 3 millimoles per gram of CO2 at flue gas conditions. The Desiccant can adsorb CO2 at elevated temperatures (70 to 110 Deg C and can be regenerated at very less energy compared to other systems and processes. 

The process know-how has been transferred to Summits Hygronics Private Limited - a leading manufacturer of Air drying plants, Medical Oxygen plants and Nitrogen Generating plants. Summits successfully delivered many Medical Oxygen Plants across India under PM Cares initiative on a record time during Covid-19 pandemic to save the precious lives of people.

This technology finds its application in multiple areas like thermal power plants, steel plants, cement industries, biogas enrichment, automotive sectors, defence sectors and many more. The technology is also explored in direct CO2 capturing from atmosphere especially from polluted areas thereby minimizing CO2 concentration towards reducing global warming. The captured CO2 can also be converted into value added industrially important chemicals like methanol, formic acid, adipic acid, etc forming a circular ecosystem.

This technology is in alignment with one of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals on Climate Action (SDG 13) and Government of India’s mission on “Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)”.  This also paves way to address one of the global mandates by fulfilling India’s commitment of “net-zero” emission by 2070.


Green Initiative of Summits and CECRI

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