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The Never Clogging Zero loss Drain Valve

Protect your profit with zero air loss drain valve 

Air leakage through 1mm hole will cost you
Rs. 17810 per year.

Zero loss auto drain valve

Build Reliability into your Utility

Condensate drains are a most important part of a compressed air system.  Not spending a little effort with your drain valve choice could cost you increased operating expenses for years to come.


Contaminants like Lubricant, metal particles, rust, and pipe scale are found in the condensate of typical compressed air.  Sophisticated equipment are used to separated and filtered out all these contaminants.  But it’s the drain valve that have to operate properly for the filters and separators to be successful in completing their task. 


Unless we use reliable drain valve, we shall be trapped into world of ‘Routine Maintenance’ and will live machine life.



Condensate gets collected inside the container (1).  The float lever (2) is lifted up corresponding to the level of the condensate in the container.  Once the Condensate level reaches the required level, the float lever opens the pilot air.


This pilot air actuates the Pneumatic cylinder (3).  The rod of the pneumatic cylinder turns the lever of the ball valve (4) and thus opens it.  The condensate drains out.


Once the condensate drained out, the float lever will return to its original positon and block the pilot air.  The spring inside the pneumatic cylinder will pull the lever of the ball valve back to its original position; closes the valve and avoid air loss.


zero loss auto drain valve

Salient features

  • Zero air loss

  • Level based Pilot operated;

  • Electricity is not required.

  • Can handle condensate having heavy rust/sludge/dust.

  • Unlike poppet valve, full bore ball valve will never get wedged of rust/dust.


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